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Furnish a Survivor's Cottage

be the 1 to furnish and decorate a survivor's cottage at The Refuge Ranch

One priority of ours at The Refuge for DMST is to make The Refuge Ranch a place that is private and secure as well as cozy and inviting. Our hope is that the girls who will soon live on the beautiful 50 acres outside of Austin will feel that The Refuge lives up to its name and is a refuge indeed - a place where they feel safe and comfortable enough to start their healing journey with confidence.  Be the 1 who joins us in creating, decorating, and furnishing these safe spaces for child survivors of sex trafficking.


Survivor's Bedroom and Bathroom

Each survivor will have her own bedroom and bathroom, continuing to give her a sense of individuality and protection throughout her stay at The Refuge. 

Shared living room

At the core of each cottage at The Refuge is a shared living room, where survivors and their house mom or house parents can live in community with one another.

Shared Kitchen, dining and pantry

Each cottage will also be fully equipped with a kitchen, allowing the girls to master the cooking skills that they will be learning from Jack Gilmore of Jack Allen's Kitchen.