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Every square inch of The Refuge Ranch is a beautiful depiction of a community who believes that survivors are worthy.

Every square inch

Every square inch of The Refuge Ranch is a beautiful depiction of a community who believes that survivors are worthy.

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Worthy of living in a space with new furniture, bedding and decor; worthy of having their own bedroom and bathroom where they can close the door if they need space or privacy; worthy of a chance to reengage their educational goals; of empowerment to make their own choices; worthy of rest and of activity; worthy of a chance at healing and worthy of walking out of therapy or school and laying on her back in the green grass looking up to watch the clouds pass by, or sitting on her porch swing with her House Mom and seeing flower beds line the sidewalk.

Our community has shown that they believe in the inherent worth and value of the survivors who will call The Refuge Ranch home by taking action. Much of this can be seen in the millions of dollars of donated goods and labor that has gone into building this space, including the landscaping. Child sex trafficking is a community problem and therefore it needs a community solution. The Refuge Ranch is bigger than just one person or group of people. It’s the culmination of all the people who have believed in the power of long-term restoration.

Thank you to the following people who have donated money and/or spent many hot summer hours planting grass, bushes, trees and flowers. Thank you for working up a sweat to ensure that every inch of land proves that there is a community that believe in and are cheering on survivors as they seek healing.

Thank you to every individual, family and company who played a role in beautifying the land at The Refuge Ranch! We hope we did not leave anyone out who played a role in this project.

Thank you to those of you who contributed financially and physically to the landscaping:

  • Architectural Division 8

  • Jack Bailey

  • Jamy Bailey

  • Kyle Bailey

  • Jason Black

  • Roger Borbon

  • John Bowman

  • Amy Boyle

  • Nick Boyle

  • Linda Brawley

  • Anna Berglund Brick

  • Craig Bryant

  • Frank Capparelli

  • Susan & Steve Casey

  • Champion Cryotherapy employees

  • Laurie Chapman

  • Chocolatl Jewelry Studio

  • Francis Christy

  • Tracy Crook

  • Ashton Dapp

  • Sandra Davis

  • Jerry Deitz

  • Dylan Dougherty

  • Kimberly Durham

  • Michael Escobedo

  • Haley Effhim

  • Tyler Ewing

  • Ally Faust

  • Amber Favorite

  • Audrey Finkin

  • Neo Flores

  • Gina Fowler

  • Eric Fox

  • Kristin Fox

  • Cynthia & Charles Gault

  • Corbin Gault

  • Megan Gault

  • Dillon Gault

  • Susan Gilchrist

  • Lindsey Glenn

  • Vanessa Glover

  • Monica Gomez

  • Pat Gort

  • Chelsie Griffith

  • Michael Hamilton

  • Joclyn Hanks

  • Robert Hardy

  • Belinda Harlicker

  • Izzy Hauss

  • Joseph Hauss

  • Andrea Hellyer

  • Linda Helphenstine

  • The Hishcars of Life Austin Marble Falls

  • Sue Hoover

  • Helen Howard

  • Kyle Hubbart

  • Brooke Hubbart

  • Grace Hubbart

  • Melissa Huff

  • Kelly Hunt

  • Shelia Jones

  • Sarah Jones

  • Sally Keefe

  • Ben Kelton

  • Matthew Kinnee

  • Collin Klein

  • Natalie Kulas

  • L Aesthetics & Longevity

  • Matt Lambert

  • Steven LaVaggai

  • Natalie Ledbetter

  • Billy Ledbetter

  • Stephanie LeVasseur

  • Cash Lewis

  • Lanette Magids

  • Jim & Mary Mauldin

  • Jason Mazur

  • Ed McAninch

  • Kim McCormick

  • Carol & Jay McKinney

  • Lei’lna Mclaughin

  • Lisa Melvin

  • Cheryl Morris

  • Karen & Brad Munsell

  • Whitney Nelson

  • George Oakes

  • Kevin Ormsby

  • Todd Pendleton

  • James Pendleton

  • Jeff Pulley

  • Cassie Pusey

  • Melinda Quiroz

  • Blaise Baccuglia

  • Linde Raccuglia

  • Elizabeth Rath

  • Leslie Ridl

  • Karen Rivera

  • Marissa Rivera

  • Dylan Robichaux

  • Spencer Rothery

  • Mike & Susan Roye

  • Brian S

  • Leah Serwon

  • Rick Shealy

  • Ricky Sparkman

  • Lana Staleski

  • Brin Stinson

  • Candace Stockstill

  • Jenny Stokes

  • Susan Taborn

  • Amy Taylor

  • Texas Gold & Silver Exchange

  • Kelsey Tinoco

  • Juan Tobada

  • Maria Valderas

  • Chris Whitehurst

  • Fletcher T. Wiley

  • Jacy Woodford

  • Wade Woodford

  • Donna & Lew Wright

  • Lew Wright

  • Donna Wright

  • Royce & Karen Yates

Thank you to The Grass Outlet and Hope Valley Tree Farm for greatly reducing your prices for our project.

And to the following companies for contributing supplies:

  • Clean Scapes

  • Hill Country Water Gardens

  • Lowes

  • Natural Gardener

  • Southside Market

  • Walmart