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The Refuge for DMST Recommended Reading List

How big of a problem is child sex trafficking? What resources are available for survivors? Here are some recommended articles, plus the best, currently available statistics to help you become more informed on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) issues.

The Refuge Recommended Reading List

Why The Refuge Ranch is Needed*:

  • Child sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world.

  • In the U.S. there was an 846% increase in reported child sex trafficking cases from 2010 to 2015.

  • There are currently 79,000 young adults and minors being sex trafficked in Texas.

  • Texas has the second most reported number of child sex trafficking cases in the U.S.

  • There are less than 600 beds available nationwide for child sex trafficking survivors, but we have over 13,000 animal shelters.

  • Prior to the opening of The Refuge Ranch, Texas only had 24 beds available for child survivors’ long term recovery from trauma.

  • Young victims who only received “low level” limited, short-term assistance and services were more likely to be re-victimized at a 34% rate, compared to a 5 - 7% rate for those who had long-term, “high level” care.

  • For more statistics, see link below.


Exploited: Inside the dark world of child sex trafficking

Indianapolis Star’s 10-part expose of both US and international trafficking.


Selling Girls: Sex traffickers are selling American children

KVUE/Tegna stations’ Emmy-nominated docu-series following the money and trauma of child sex trafficking.


Why Austin’s child sex traffickers aren’t getting jail time

KVUE’s localization of the Tegna series, featuring The Refuge.


Sold Out: How the crusade against sex trafficking in Texas has left child victims behind

Texas Tribune’s 8-part series, with mention of The Refuge in the final paragraph regarding possible solutions.


“Patchwork of Programs Serve Child Sex Trafficking Survivors”

Associated Press explores the complicated needs of those who have survived complex, long term trauma; featuring the work of The Refuge Ranch.


*-To see more of thE best, CURRENTLY available Statistics on DOMESTIC MINOR SEX TRAFFICKING, click here.

Updated May 2018