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Spread The Word

Sign up and Be the One to help a child survivor rebuild her life.

Spread the Word

We need your help

It will take a combined community of family, friends, coworkers, churches and other organizations to build a long-term, residential, therapeutic ranch for teen girls who have been rescued out of sex trafficking. We believe each girl has the ability to create a new life for herself if she is encircled with the support and love necessary to begin the healing process. 

You can Be the One to help a child survivor rebuild her life by simply inviting us into your home, or your place of work or your community organization.

If the people you care about would be interested in learning more about The Refuge’s mission, then sign up below.  At a Home Gathering, Lunch & Learn or Speaking Engagement, our spokespeople can come give an informal talk to raise awareness about the dire and complex issue of child sex trafficking. You’ll also learn what you and your community can do to make a meaningful impact.  To find out more about our Dove Tile Project, click here.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to support The Refuge for DMST, simply add a Donate button to one of your Facebook posts and tell your friends that this is a cause you believe in. To learn how to add a Donate button to one of your posts, here's a fast How-To article.

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