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Survivor Sisters Leadership Program

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Survivor sisters Leadership program

Survivor Sisters Leadership Program connects older, recovering  survivors with child survivors who are currently incarcerated in a juvenile detention facility, correctional facility, halfway house, or on probation. These survivor leaders are effectively educating younger survivors about the pervasive and long-term dangers of trafficking, ultimately reducing the chance of these girls returning to “the life.” Meeting twice a month in groups with other child survivors and their survivor leader, these girls build meaningful relationships with one another while sharing their stories and discussing how they relate with one another as they collectively work through the emPower curriculum.

With this mentoring, young and impressionable survivors are beginning to understand that they have been victimized. And with acceptance, they are moving through the recovery process and are transitioning from being a victim to becoming a survivor, and from a survivor, to a survivor leader who helps others. 

Some of the primary contributing factors for survivors' return to "the life" include the lack of mental health services, mentors, and education. However, the Survivor Sisters Leadership Program helps reduce these recidivism rates by defining, explaining and discussing the national realities and federal state laws of trafficking, illustrating the diverse types of trafficking experiences, trauma bonds, controlling relationships, addiction, prevention, mental health and recovery with child survivors. 

As each girl completes her sentence, the survivor leader will coordinate local post-release mentoring to help her transition back into the community.

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